Welcome to the new member of Eat Cabo Catering

July 23, 2009

Hey Hello Again

Well first of all let me tell you that our little company is so happy, due to my partners nick and rocio just have their first baby, for the last 3 weeks we have been making bets about the exactly day she will born, but at the end she do her way (as same as her mom) and finally born on monday july, 20th at 4:30am aprox., her name is Sienna Valentina, and she is beautiful (maybe is uncle love, cause most of the newborns look almost the same)

Sienna  is an  asian-american-mexican girl , so she will have the patience and wisdom of asia, the eficiency and competitive personality of the us, and the temper and heart of mexicans, WOW thats a really winner mix.

I think Sienna is a very lucky girl, besides a loving family she will have all her parties for FREE, we already made the baby shower, then the baptism is coming, then all the birthdays, sweet sixteen, etc etc and of course the wedding (nick you shouldnt read this),  thats good no? (not for our food cost).

Anyway having a baby is a blessing, its amazing all the good energy that you can feel with a new baby around, everybody is full of good wishes and i really think that if  everybody can keep always  the feeling of hapiness  that a baby born produces this will be really a better world ( tears) , well congratulations to nick and rocio, very well done.

Well guys this post was suppously to give you more tips of cabo, and also invite you to check our web page www.eatcabocatering.com , but as you have  read sienna rigth now is the most important thing for eat cabo catering, so thats all for today, see you and please go to your house and make a lot of babies¡¡¡¡¡




One Response to “Welcome to the new member of Eat Cabo Catering”

  1. eatcabo Says:

    very nice posting – thanks Miguel

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