Welcome to Eat Cabo Blog

July 13, 2009

Hello everybody

My name is Miguel and here i am trying to figure it out how this blog thing works, for most of you this wouldnt be a problem but if you realize that my first introduction to computers was when i was in high school with this super modern program MSO2  or  OMS2 or who knows what was the name of  that thing, anyway then in college i have a major in hospitality but most important i have a beautiful grilfriend ( that later become my wife, 9 years and counting) really good with computers and more than happy to help me with all my homeworks, so i am not very familiar with all this things, so please forgive me if i make many mistakes on my first posts, also dont be very severe with my english grammar (if you havent figure it out Miguel is a mexican name and so am i).

Well, let the games begin….

First a little of history, as i already mentioned i have a major in hospitality administration, and i have more than 12 years experience on  the food and beverage bussines, my last job before i decide to open my own bussines, was for Starwood Hotels, at the Westin Resort & Spa Los Cabos, as Restaurants Director, after 8 years working for the westin, my friend Nick come with the idea to start a smoothie place  ( he is a very healthy guy) at the only mall in cabo, and thats were  “la puerca torcio el rabo” ,for my english speaker readers, ask some mexican what does this expression means, but let say that it was “when my destiny was written….

 The idea was a smoothie place, something really small and relaxing, please notice that i remark the word IDEA, because first, the smoothie place became, a smoothie, paninis , salads and healthy products store name FRUTOPICA,  second, in a very short period of time we open a restaurant name EAT by Frutopica, located in one of the most beautiful neighbor in Cabo named Palmilla, and our restaurant is located at The Shoppes at Palmilla, and finally we start EAT CABO CATERING, so you can understand that the words “SMALL and RELAXING” since the very fisrt day were erased from this business (and my life).

Anyway, our company name is MIKINIKI (no comments about the name), and is formed by Claudia (my beloved wife, and on the begining of this business the one that bring the bread to our home), Rocio , the super perfectionist and organized Rocio, Nick, who is the financial brain of the bussines and usually the more calm and smooth of all, and last but not least, me, Miguel, (o sea yo), very desorganize and forgetful (this are claudia and rocio words not mine) for me instead of disorganize i would say spontaneus, and for forgetful i would say …. forgetful, ni modo.

After all this bla bla bla, our main reason to have this blog is  that all the people that want to do events in cabo, need information about the destiny, hotels, dining, transportation etc etc, we can provide it to make their life easier when they come to visit us.

Of course if  you are planning to do an event, we will love you to organize it for you, but if you already select another company still we are more than please to help as much as we can.


so anyway please, please if you read this first post make a comment, it will be great to get in contact with you.

see you




2 Responses to “Welcome to Eat Cabo Blog”

  1. Patty Says:

    Hello Miguel, congrats for your restaurants, very original and urgently needed concepts here in Cabo, even though i personally love the non-healthy food but that´s exactly the reason why we need it: to keep a balance!
    I love your restaurant, food and service!

  2. Janis & Greg - CSL, Pedregal Says:

    Hola Miguel, Claudia, Rocio & Nick –
    We can’t thank you enough for your fantastic home delivery service and wonderful restaurants at Palmilla & Puerto Paraiso Mall.
    Since our first experience with Frutopica in Feb 2008 while at Amerimed Emergency Hospital, your daily delivery of a wide variety of health conscious meals has been priceless. Not needing to worry about major shopping or cooking has resulted in our time being much more productive … and fun. Specific food and delivery requests have been promptly handled.
    Meal delivery for our guests has also been a big plus qualifying our home as a vacation destination ! Thank you again and please keep us on your roster. ;o)

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